Pandering to Progressive Pooches

Stephen Guy Hardin   Beginning in August the city of San Francisco will initiate yet another stillborn attempt at social engineering. Wretchedly odorous, panhandling, homeless bums…. I mean disenfranchised, hygienically challenged, mobile private donation centers, are being drafted onto the already bloated city payroll. The city will begin paying up to $75 a week of […]

Elvis Wages Fatwa

Stephen Guy Hardin   Iranian rapper and owner of Naj’s Rug Emporium, Shahin Najafi, has been sentenced to death by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The death sentence was issued against the rap artist after he released a controversial song called Naqi. Mr. Najafi has become the Salman Rushdie of rap after clerics in the […]

Next Time We’ll Keep Her Crutches

Stephen Guy Hardin   The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has once again placed itself in the line of fire in America’s seemingly never ending War on Terror. The latest notch on the TSA’s gun handle is 7 year old Annie Frank. Ms. Frank’s troubles began as she was waiting with her family to board a […]