Socialists by a New Label

                                                      Stephen Guy Hardin

While on the perpetual campaign trail the “Woke” leaders of the Democrat party stumble and push to get out the sound bites of their newest taxpayer boondoggle… I mean substantive anti-poverty programs.

Senator Bernie “Gramps” Sanders (I–Vermont) has called for national rent control, in addition to $2.5 trillion (that’s billion with a T) in new federal housing and construction money. And of course, this paltry sum would be considered pocket change by this nation’s billionaire class and thus happy to pony up the dough via yet another soak the rich tax scheme. Senator Kamala “I Can’t Get Your Zipper Down” Harris (D–CA) is foaming at the proverbial mouth to top Gramps… err, Senator Sanders in the Woke spending category. Willie Brown’s former partner in adultery has proposed spending $2 trillion (yes, they love their T’s) for historically black colleges and universities alone. In addition, Senator Harris is proposing an additional two billion dollars in spending to eliminate all overdue minority cell phone bills, all delinquent bail bond fees and provide voter registration cards to anyone who cannot prove they are in the U.S. legally.

Not to be outdone, Barack Obama’s former Housing and Urban Development Secretary and part time White House pool boy Julian “Grab Me a Towel Julie” Castro, not only wants to steal… I mean adopt Sanders and Harris ‘spending bills, he wants to throw on a little additional progressive window dressing to prove he can be as black as any other Latino.  Julian wants to add slavery reparations into the mix as well as promising a free Escalade and a year’s supply of Kool Menthols to every African American family that can prove it voted “D” at least three times in every election. Wow, that’s sounds a tad racist, Julian.

But I digress.

This current gang of Democratic political hacks, like the gang before them and the gang after them, are proposing the same tired proposals for rent control, renters’ bills of rights, affordable home building subsidies and above all tax increases. Programs that are touted and shouted as the newest and greatest answer to the woes of the lower classes are in fact already on the books in places where housing costs are out of reach of the middle class as well as the lower class such as New York, Los Angeles and of course the poster child for progressive enlightenment, San Francisco.

These few examples of urban housing reform all share one thing besides high crime, high cost of living and high taxes. They are all programs put in place by the Democrat party, which is just another label for the progressive left, which used to be the liberal left. But in the end names don’t matter since it is all the same, as they are all just socialists by a new label.

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