The Politics of Submission

Stephen Guy Hardin

[Middle English submissioun, from Old French submission, from Latin submissiō, submissiōn-, a lowering, from submissus, past participle of submittere, to set under; see submit.]

1: the condition of being submissive, humble, or compliant
2: an act of submitting to the authority or control of another

Tom Brokaw wrote , “The Greatest Generation”, which heralded the strength and will and determination of a generation of Americans who survived the Great Depression, fought World War Two and forged a nation that would win the Cold War. Though Brokaw is justifiably proud and respectful of this generation of great Americans, it is the political party and the political ideology of Brokaw and his generation of Sixties cultural revolutionaries that is undermining and attempting to destroy everything that the Greatest Generation sacrificed to build.
The radical chic of ‘60’s counterculture radical chic began the cultural erosion that is responsible for the current level of guttural world of political viciousness we now inhabit. As the years wore down and dulled the fighting edge of the generation of the Second World War the need to feed the kids, pay the mortgage and buy the newest Range Rover has dulled any sense of morality and empathy of the liberal elitist classes that at one time in our history meant an open mind.
Rather than debate and discuss current political points of contention, the modern leftist pours their collective militant energy into destroying the opposition. The opposition is of course anyone who is not in lockstep, or is in goose step, with their rigid dogmatic adherence to the power of the state. The state first, the state foremost, the state always.
Slander, besmirch, physically assault, and then cancel anyone who even remotely disagrees with the party line on Black Lives Matter, the righteousness of Antifa destruction or the need to teach Marxism in kindergarten. The common collective denominator of the current leftist political class is a poisonous mix of anger, guilt, and loathing for all things American. A camouflaged cadre of pseudo-Marxist political advisors and consultants who have crafted a political doctrine of hatred and division and treason.
Financed and manipulated by a Democrat Party covertly financed by George Soros, playing the part of the enlightened European immigrant who made his billions upon the back of the American dream. Soros has spun his web of hatred and deceit while profiting from the system he has denounced. Playing puppet master and pulling the strings of politicians bought and paid for he has proven himself to be proved as effective as Herman Goring when he masterminded the burning of the Reichstag.
But I digress.
George Soros, as the enlightened European immigrant, who makes his millions upon the back of the American dream, while denouncing the system he has abused, and Bill Ayers, a hard-core, unrepentant American terrorist, as the ghostwriter and puppet master proved as effective a team as Hitler and Goring when they masterminded the burning of the Reichstag.
One can only imagine the orgasmic fits that must have engulfed the guilt laded millionaires of Wall Street, who had dutifully maintained their Democrat Party registration, while cashing in on the economic euphoria of excess of the Reagan Revolution.
How they must have unconsciously giggled as schoolgirls as they wrote out check after check to finance the campaign of ‘Hope’ and ‘Change We Can Believe In.’ What an emotional release it must have been to be able to discuss the possibility of the renewal of the spirit and dream of the Sixties Counter-Revolution, instead of the stale and tired debate concerning the merits of the BMW X5 over the Porsche Cayenne as the de rigueur SUV at their tennis club.
I can empathize with the terrible burden that the success of pursuing the American dream must have caused for the spoiled children of the Greatest Generation. To lounge in the lap of luxury of all you marched against as a college student, while pursuing your MBA on your parent’s dime, has certainly created a notable chemical imbalance in their brains. I have always believed that chemical imbalance was the only explanation for successful and educated people who actively campaign to destroy their own lifestyle and the society that has embraced them.
Chemical imbalance, indeed.
It is an historical truth that leftist political philosophy is a fraudulent mask disguising the corruptive hunger of man’s need to control his fellow man. The driving philosophy of the left is that people are incapable of taking care of themselves, thus the government must be grown to accommodate and enable the welfare state as the means of supplanting personal liberty for the illusion of security.
And for the votes. Let’s not forget the votes.
So, as the Democrat intelligentsia bow before their well-worn copies of Das Kapital much in the same manner the National Basketball Association bows before its Chinese Communist masters the progressives and their fellow travelers roll like pigs in the mud over every overly stressed syntax of Rules for Radicals. It must be refreshing to be able to breathe the freshly filtered air of the emancipation from the hypocrisy of the leftist masquerade of caring about the American working class.
The politics of American exceptionalism has been supplanted by the politics of white guilt. The politics of American political discussion has been replaced by the politics of class hatred. The politics of American patriotism has been debased by the politics of self-loathing. And the politics of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been enslaved by the politics of submission.

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