Barbie in a Hijab

While driving the other day in the metro Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta I pulled up next to a brand new, fresh off the lot, Volkswagen Routan SEL minivan. When I was younger Volkswagen’s were marginally affordable, but these days a Volkswagen will bust your bank account in the same Teutonic manner as an Audi or a BMW. The Routan SEL will top out close to 40 K if you get enough goodies on it.

An expensive car in Atlanta isn’t an especially noticeable occurrence, this isn’t Detroit after all, but it was the driver that caught my attention. A young woman wearing a hijab was rabidly texting, while driving of course, and I could not help but be struck by the dichotomy of wearing the full head scarf while also enjoying the best technology the decadent West can provide. 

East meets West, indeed?

I couldn’t be sure if she was listening to the downloaded passages of the Qur’an or Kanye West or some classic Tupac. Tupac, of course, being the preferred rapper for your discriminating young gangsta jihadist. Though I have read that Apple is pushing to make the Qur’an available on I-tunes.

But I digress.

I must admit to being curious how the modern American Muslim can reconcile their ancient hatreds of anything bright and sparkly with the need to keep up with the Jones’. Modern decadent Western suburbia being what it is, one must wonder where do you place your prayer rugs? Next to the in-ground hot tub or in the workout room next to the new Bowflex that is now utilized as extra hanging space?

So many questions for the modern Muslim who screams “Death to America” in his or her local mosque while spending the rest of the work week saving up for the next trip to Disney Land.

And what of the poor Muslim kids born and raised in a society that they are born into but yet bred to hate.

Talk about dysfunction.

Do their politically correct parents give them Barbie dolls to practice beheading for wearing a swimsuit that reveal bare ankles?

Or do they get G.I. Joe’s to use in mock random bombing attacks in the backyard by their saltwater swimming pool? 

These may not be questions that require answers, but I am curious. How does a hidden culture that semi-secretly vows the destruction of the society they thrive in deal with such issues?

Did the Prophet consider this when he wrote of destroying the infidels? Or is this an issue best left to the vague interpretations of Surah an-Nun ayah. 

Normally I would not spend this much time even contemplating such silliness, but since the latest horde of Iranian mullahs and their rabid, virgin hungry martyrs seem intent upon starting their own jihad with us these questions are not as silly as they used to be.

Not since the 1968 Democrat Convention has America had such a preponderance of potential saboteurs and terrorists within our midst. They are the proverbial snakes in our bosom. 

Yet, unlike the Greatest Generation, modern American society has been corrupted by decades of leftist inspired and liberal media abetted self-hatred. The age of political correctness may well be the death of us yet. In an effort to forestall that day as long as possible I will keep my eyes open for any hip hopping Muslim babes and their mini vans.

Just ask any Israeli. You can’t trust a Muslim Barbie in a hijab.

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